Can you transfer your reward points to other family members?

Posted on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 11:41

Do you have some points built up but do not know what to do with them? If you have been considering sharing your points with a family member, but not too sure how to transfer your points to them this guide is here to help you. Get to enjoy family pooling your frequent flyer reward points to make someone else's travel vacation possible.

How does transferring points work?

If you are part of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program you will be able to transfer points to eligible family members online or through their service center to do this. However, calling the Frequent Flyer Service Centre can attract a $35 Reward Assistance fee. Transferring points can only happen if your family member is signed up to the same Frequent Flyer program.

How many points can I transfer?

Before transferring your points to a family member, it will be useful to read the terms and conditions of doing this. This will help you know the limitations that come with transferring points. If you are using Qantas to transfer points you will need a minimum of 5,000 –600,000 points per transfer. There isn’t a limit to how many transfers you can do within a year, but always keep in mind that there is a cap of 600,000 points.

Do frequent flyer points expire?

Unfortunately, frequent flyer points do expire. Even if you transfer the points to another family member, these are not considered an eligible activity that can prevent your points from expiring. If you have not used your frequent flyer points after 18 months these will expire.

What can my family use these points for?

Having frequent flyer points can help you plan a trip for you and your loved ones. Even if you do not need them because you have no travel plans coming up, you can still pass them on to another family member who can use it to book reward flights or upgrade your flights. However, keep in mind that depending on where you are flying to, be it local or international, there could be a limited number of seats.

What if the person I want to transfer points to isn’t part of the program?

If a family member is not part of the frequent flyer program that has your points you will not be able to transfer the points to them. However, signing them up to the program won’t take long and they will be able to access the points.

You can contact your program to find out other ways that you can maximise using your points for a family vacation which in turn can help reduce costs.

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