5 greatest Aussie car commercials you need to watch

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 - 15:12

Aussies always provided creative and original car commercials, which can bring a smile to any face or make you want to watch that ad again. In fact, this is the purpose of an ad, to catch the attention of the public, right?

So, what are the 5 greatest Aussie car commercials you need to watch?

The five greatest Aussie car commercials you need to watch are unique and innovative; some of them funny, others play tricks on your mind, and others can make you a little nostalgic.

Toyota Hilux commercial

Did you ever imagine a Toyota car commercial including farm animals? Neither did we. Still, some people had this idea, and they created a funny scenario where a farmer is robbed by two oxen, which drive the Toyota car irresponsibly all over the place. But of course, the car survives, and moreover, deals with all that challenges impeccably. In the end, it still looks fantastic, helping the oxen to impress some …cows.

We don’t know whether a farmer can be convinced to purchase the Toyota Hilux with this commercial or not, but it is clear that the idea is daring and funny.

Ford is the going thing

If you want to travel back in time, in the early 70’s, this classic commercial is exactly what you need. It will introduce you to a totally different world, providing you with a unique atmosphere that characterises that period. The charm of this ad is undoubtedly enhanced by the song, “Ford is a going thing”. You can show this to your parents or grandparents to remind them of those good old days.

“Hey, Charger!” – Chrysler car commercial

“Hey, Charger!” is another famous old commercial, dating from the 1970’s. If you ever thought that people back then used no humour when creating commercials and everything was designed to be as sombre as possible, this ad is going to prove you were wrong. The funny scenario describes a problem that is as old as the world itself. Intriguing and entertaining, this commercial is one that you should not miss.

Toyota commercial

Dating from 1972, this car ad will undoubtedly make you a little nostalgic if you lived in those times. This commercial does not limit itself to an individual model of Toyota, but goes on to present more of them, such as Corolla, Celica, Corona, or Crown. The visual impact is completed by the enchanting song played along. Together, they create the life story of a driver, beginning with the age of 18. His personal evolution is accompanied by new models of cars, suitable for his current purposes and needs. Toyota is pictured as the car that accompanies you through your entire life journey.

Skoda Fabia Commercial

We come back nowadays with this Skoda Fabia ad, which suggests an attention test. The whole commercial seems to be focused on a kind of study regarding the new model of Skoda Fabia and how its attention-stealing design influences the others. Are they distracted by these unique and beautifully designed features? Or you are the one distracted? Let’s find out.

Some quick facts

  • The first rough draft of an Australian car commercial of sorts can be found in this 1948 black and white film, “An Australian Car is Born”, which presents images of the Holden HX, the first Australian mass-produced car.
  • Ironically, some of the best Australian car commercials never got to air, or aired very little before they got banned, such as this Ford Falcon ad.

What ad is your favourite? Do you have another Aussie car commercial that you simply love? Share it with us in the comments section.

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