5 credit card benefits any traveller will enjoy

Posted on Wednesday, December 27, 2017 - 14:04

If you have been bitten by the travel bug and can’t get enough of both local and international must see hot spot’s then this will come in handy for you. Knowing how to use hidden features in your credit card can help unlock doors to a world that awaits your presence. We have 5 tips on getting the best value for the perks that your card comes with.

For the newly recruited

If you have just signed on a new credit card deal by all means take advantage of the interest free period. This means that you can plan your big trip with all its expenses, and know that you can pay it back without any interest charged towards your card. It is advisable that you speak with your credit card provider to establish how long the interest free period will last before you are left with a shocker of accruing interest. If you are still shopping around for a card get a credit card provider who can help you compare the best interest rates for you.

Double check your travel insurance

Before buying travel insurance, it is advisable to see what is included in your cards policy. This will save you the heartache when you realise that you spent money on something that your card automatically covers. Although it comes at no additional costs some travel agents argue that it is substandard. You can compare whether buying your own travel insurance or sticking with the one provided by your credit card will be beneficial to you. Be aware as to whether your travel insurance is activated automatically, or whether you have to activate it online to avoid any surprises should you be in need of it.

Take advantage of free domestic flights

Do you have a free domestic flight coming up ahead? Plan your travels around this so that you can cash in when it finally arrives. Go to wherever your heart desires in the beautiful land of Australia either for business or for pleasure without the price tag. Talk about saving big in a flight!

Harness the power of rewards

Let your credit card do the work for you by garnering points that you can use later on to pay off for a flight. You can plan your trip around your frequent flyer points by maximising them by putting all your expenses for the trip on one card. The catch here is to use them before they expire, or else all that spending will be a waste of money.

Make the most of the concierge service

Need to make some last-minute plans, but have no idea where to even start looking? Make use of the concierge service that some credit cards provide that can help save you a lot of time and money. This will come in handy if your significant other decided to be spontaneous by taking you for a surprise visit in the city, but forgot the fine detail of where you are supposed to sleep.

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