Australia’s love affair with the ute

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:51 am by Bill Tsouvalas

There are many features that the Ute offers such as its duality for being able to take on the cityscape and double up as a vehicle able to take on the rugged outback landscape. It offers comfort and ample spacing that has caused it to increase in popularity for Aussies. However, for the car enthusiasts out there are a few aspects in which it lacks, causing a divide in a love and hate relationship for one of Australia’s 4×4 dual-cab Utes.

Aussie ute love

The good

The numbers speak for themselves when it comes to the Utes popularity, with the Toyota Hilux leading the way as the top-selling new vehicle for the third consecutive year. When it came to the top-selling cars towards the end of 2018, Utes made up for 18% which is up from 17% in the previous year. Sales for Utes such as the HiLux ended the year on a high note with sales reaching 50,000 with predictions by experts expecting that the Ute market will easily to 200,000 sales.

Despite the car market experiencing a slump of 15% in 2018, car sales for Utes and SUV’s increased. According to data released by Car sales, 4×4 Utes experienced increased sales by 6.3% while 4×2 Ute sales dropped down by 9.5%.

The bad

Although the Ute has increased in popularity it still has a long way to go. The technological aspect of the vehicle still has room from improvement. When compared to its counterparts in the market the technology is still at its most basic level, similar to passenger cars.

There is also the fact that its bulky body could cause a safety hazard, making it hard to see small children who could be lurking about. This issue could be remedied by adding a rear-view camera. It can also feel light when it comes to its handling abilities due to its rear end being suspended on leaf springs.

The rise

The Ranger still remains Australia’s most popular 4×4 Ute with a total of 37248 sales towards the end of 2018. Followed by the Triton holding the third position with just over 20,000 sales and the Holden Colorado in fourth positions with just under 15,000 sales.

Despite a few shortfalls, the Ute still remains popular due to its suitability for Aussie conditions and being able to adapt to various settings. It can equally double up in a farm, construction site, or a suburb area for families that are looking for a vehicle that comes with comfort and ample spacing.

With the recent modifications being added to modern Utes to refine them into vehicles that come with the requisite safety that does not require families to compromise is also one of the reasons that sales have been boosted in the past years. It essentially boasts an all in one vehicle offering unrivaled versatility and practicality to suit various Australian conditions.

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