The type of commuter you are will determine what car you should drive

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 11:02 am by Bill Tsouvalas

You wouldn’t run in formal shoes on a bumpy gravel road that goes downhill. So why choose a car that doesn’t match the route you take everyday? Knowing what type of car to buy that matches your driving route will not only save you big time in term of your car insurance, but it could also save you the time of going sideways on a speed hump to avoid those expensive dents and scratches. Here are five things to consider for each type of driver.

Living the rustic life

Investing in a car that is suited for the type of road you drive on can save you a lot of unnecessary expenses. If you spend your time away from the cityscape, then buying a car that will be able to handle the varied terrain with its bumps and rocks will be a worthwhile investment. Choose an off-road car such as the Ford Ranger which is the second most bought vehicle in Australia, boasting 3,260 sales. One thing to keep in mind is whether the fuel efficiency levels with your finances.

The former glory

There were streets that were once glorious to drive on in parts of Australia, but wear and neglect have left the roads in a rather sorry state with potholes that can leave a dent in your soul if you happen to hit it. One way to deal with the not so smooth parts of town is to get a car that will be able to handle roads that have a mixture of sleek and gravel roads. SUV’s is another favourable mode of transport that can take the roads by the reigns. The top three SUV’s was the Mazda CX5, Toyota Rav4, and the Nissan X-Trail. Your best bet is to always compare quality and value before putting your money on it.

The heavy loader

Practicality is the name of the game. As much as we care about how a car looks, practicality should be the top concern. Buying a car that doesn’t match your budget can make you lose out financially. A large car will be suitable for someone who has a large family that they travel with everyday, or if you carry large equipment to and from your work space. You will have to be realistic about what works best with your budget before going out to get it.

The city slicker

If you are a city slicker who needs a vehicle that can handle the fast pace life, doesn’t guzzle fuel, and is friendly on the pocket in terms of finances then you could consider a sports car. Sports cars have evolved to match the modern middle-class life, with all its style, and prowess. However, be aware that when you shop for a car you check its security features. Look for alarm systems or tracking devices that are not visible to criminals. When it’s time to welcome your new baby home, make sure that you keep it in a locked garage. By doing this you will be able to lower your car insurance premiums.

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