7 driving myths busted

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:47 am by Bill Tsouvalas

There are myths regarding any subject; some don’t make any sense, while others are based on a small grain of truth.

As expected, there are also various myths regarding driving. But are they true?

Assumptions such as the fact that men drive better than women, that the traffic police has to fulfil a certain quota of people breaking the law, and that talking on the phone via Bluetooth isn’t a distraction are driving myths that we are going to prove wrong.

  • Based on this source, the age group from 20-24 years old has the highest rates of speeding, careless driving, and exceeding the legal alcohol limit.
  • Women are more likely to opt for public transport – 19 percent, as opposed to men, 13 percent.
  • According to the ABS study, as women get old, they prefer using passenger vehicles to arrive at work. Conversely, as men grow old, they prefer using the public transport.

Were you taken aback by any of these myths, or were you already acquainted with them? Let us know in the comments!

1. Men drive better than women

Yes, immanently, each and every one us of embraces this myth as the absolute truth. Nonetheless, the reality differs. A study made on 100,000 insurance claims, developed in 2015, by the Royal Automobile Association of South Australia, illustrated that women were responsible for 7,000 fewer crash-insurance claims than men. This merely highlights that women are safe drivers, and are less likely to cause dangerous accidents.

2. Driving test examiners must fail some people

Passing your driving test is definitely challenging; however, if you failed your driving test, that doesn’t mean it’s the fault of the examiner. There’s a myth according to which the examiner has to fail certain people, as a rule. But that is far from being accurate. Sorry to bring this up to you.

3. Traffic police must fulfil a quota, so they pull you over just because

Although it often seems that the police target you just because, most of the times, it’s because you were doing something wrong. If you were honest with yourself, you’d admit that. Were you ever pulled over without any apparent reason? Or was it because you were speeding, talking on your phone, etcetera?

Another common myth is that you cannot drive with your interior lights on. That is entirely inaccurate; it is, however, true, that it may be confusing, especially at night-time, and distracting. That may be, presumably, the root of this myth. Hence, it’s best to avoid this for your family’s safety.

5. Red cars perform better

Although Ferraris are typically red, as well as other luxurious sports car, that doesn’t make this myth right. There are plenty of Ferraris in other colours, and they perform the same as the red ones.

6. Talking on your phone using the hands-free isn’t a distraction

About 39 to 73 percent of Aussies admit to using their cell phones during driving. That is a dangerous distraction, which leads to a lot of accidents. Nonetheless, there’s the myth according to which talking with your hands-free device is safer. Still, experts indicate that with our without your hands-free on, talking on your phone is a distraction. Period.

7. Driving with nothing on your feet is illegal

If driving with nothing on your feet would be illegal, then more than half of the fines in Australia would be given for this cause. Undeniably, driving without your shoes on allows you to feel the pedals better, and is perfectly legal as well.

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