6 things that you can do that will prevent your car from being stolen

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:32 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Car theft is a real thing that can happen to anyone in the blink of an eye. With 148 cars that were stolen everyday last year, costing a total of $500 million to Australian motorists, there is even more reason to be cautious. Reduce your chances of becoming another statistic, and a possible risk to car insurance lenders by following these 6 tips that will reduce the chances of your car being stolen, and reducing the cost of your car insurance.

Parking habits

Where you park your car can be viewed as thumbs up or thumbs down when approving your car insurance. Car insurers look at the potential risk factor that you hold when applying. If you tend to park your car in the dodgy back streets in good faith that no one will touch it, then perhaps you will need to revise your parking habits. It will also reduce your chances of getting your vehicle stolen.

Flashy things disappear in a flash

Let’s face it. No one will want to steal an old rusty, delapitated vehicle that is not even the latest model of modern cars. Unless if your thief was really desperate to find a way around town. Most cars that get stolen are modern makes, which are expensive. When we talk about expensive this could mean it has expensive technology installed in its interior and has parts that are in demand in the market, and can easily be sold. Gearing your car up in such situation is essential.

Investing in a secure security system

You have spent thousands of dollars or even a car loan that you are still repaying to finally get your car. When it comes to theft no one cars how hard you worked for it to pay for it. Stay secure by investing in a car alarm system, or a tracking device. If the old method of doing things floats your boat you can invest in a wheel clamp (tire lock), a steering wheel clamp or a hood lock. A hood lock comes in handy when preventing anything from under your hood being removed by thieves. You can view these old methods of anti-theft installations as a vintage spin to your snazzy vehicle.

Try to avoid car modifications

Unless if it is to improve your car safety and better its performance, it’s best to steer clear from car modifications. Having a knack for sports cars is one thing. Driving a car that looks like a sports car to work every day is impractical. Not only will modifications to your car cost you dearly, it will also act as a thief magnet. It will be hard for them to keep their hands off it. This could also increase your car insurance premium, which will leave your finances in need of major repair.

keep yourself connected

Deny it all you want, but smartphones could be the future when it comes to another form of anti-car theft investments. Your smart phone can now use apps on the market that can help you keep track of your car should it get stolen, making it an easier process for you to report and track down with ease.

Kill Switch away thieves

This system is designed to automatically shut down the electrical system in your car. When a person finds your ca locked they usually perform a series of routine to get it open. This is then sensed by the Kill Switch, which causes your car to retreat into safe mode by killing of the electric switch that gives it the ability to function. Even if a thief tries to hotwire your car they will be unable to start it. Just make sure that this is installed in a discreet place.

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