6 rules newbie jet-skiers need to know

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 02:34 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

Being the proud owner of a Jet ski can make your weekends and holidays more interesting. But before you take to the waters with your new beast, it is helpful to know a few things to make your experience of owning a Jet ski worthwhile. Here are six things that newbie Jet skiers need to know.

1. Safety first

Jet skis can give the assumption that they are generally safe, but safety still matters when you take to cruising the waters. This will ensure that should anything happen you are protected. Each person that boards a Jet ski must wear a life jacket. Other things to keep in place are:

  • Coast Guard Approved Fire Extinguisher
  • A whistle attached to each life jacket
  • Identification that needs to be kept in a dry bag
  • A safety lanyard

2. Get kitted out

A Jet ski is like any other vehicle that needs certain equipment that can help you whenever you find yourself stuck in a situation. There are a few handy tools that you can invest in if you own a Jet ski. If you are planning to cruise for quite a distance, carrying your smartphone can come in handy in terms of using it for GPS. Carrying a first aid kit, sunscreen, skier and distress flag which can help you when you are out on the water.

3. Check that everything is working

Maintenance and servicing your vehicle before is vital. Keeping a maintenance and servicing schedule can help you catch out small problems before they blow up to something that can have you paying through the nose. This also means checking that all is in order before you take to the water.

4. What to avoid

There are a few things to avoid when it comes to making owning a Jet ski more pleasant. The no brainers are things such as not drinking and driving. However, some of the things that people forget or underestimate is driving after sunset which can be hazardous. Avoid starting your watercraft in less than waist deep water. Finally, avoid carrying more people than what is specified by the watercraft.

5. Wear the correct gear

Wearing the right gear is a thing when it comes to operating a Jet ski. Some Jet skis have a warning sticker that is placed on the rear of the vehicle that specifies what gear to wear. For example, it can specify what type of bottoms are permissible to prevent you from flying off the vehicle or having your clothes being caught in the watercraft.

6. Buy the right fit for you

Knowing what type of Jet-ski is suitable for you can make the buying process smoother for you. Getting a pre-approved leisure loan can be one way to know how much you can afford when purchasing a Jet ski. You will then be able to suss out the finer details such as what size will be suitable for your needs. Check to see if you will be able to take the watercraft out for a spin to test whether it is too fast or too slow, especially if you are a newbie driver.

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