6 driving manoeuvres that Australians dread

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 02:27 pm by Bill Tsouvalas

The general rule of thumb when driving behind the wheel is that you try your best not to smash or bump into someone else’s car and expect the same of other drivers. However, there are a few everyday driving manoeuvres that can give even experienced drivers heart palpitations due to the level of difficulty and potential costs that can ensue if you mess it up. But could you be part of the Australian population that is stressed by these 6 driving manoeuvres?

Parallel parking

This is the top-ranked driving manoeuvre that Aussies avoid. Yes, we would rather park far away from an entrance if the only parking close to the entrance needs you to parallel park. A survey by Compare The Market revealed that A third of Australian (34%) drivers found parallel parking to be the most stressful driving related task. This is more so if you do not have car insurance.

Changing lanes during peak traffic

Traffic can be stressful, and a buzz kill to anyone’s mood. You want to get out as soon as possible but you don’t want to cause an accident or even get a ticket for going beyond the speed limit. A lot can happen during peak hour in a split second and it is no reason why changing lanes during peak hour is one of the 32% of Aussies find stressful to do. But when it boils down to age, it is older people who feel sweaty palmed when it comes to changing lanes in peak traffic with 30% of 55-64 year olds fearing this manoeuvre.

The sharp drop

Driving can be smooth cruising for most drivers who have experience under their belt, but it is not unusual to feel your stomach turn as you go down a sharp decline. The research found that 17% of Australians felt sweaty palmed when it came to steep declines on the road. Not online could this damage your car if you are not careful, but the outcomes could be far worse than just your car being damaged.

Being able to merge into traffic

You could be part of 21% of the Australian population that can feel the blood rush to your ears at the thought of merging your car into traffic. This is more so if you have just bought your set of wheels with a car loan that you are still paying off. Even for the most experienced of drivers, this can be one of those things that they struggle with.

Getting into a busy roundabout

Battling with the voices in your head of “Should I go” or “Should I wait” can be hard when you are on a busy roundabout. This can make you even hot under the colour when you have a few impatient drivers honking behind you. 17% of Australians find this a nerve wrecking experience but like with any fear of driving practice makes perfect. Getting into the habit of training yourself to master these troublesome driving manoeuvres can help quench your fears.

Reverse parking

Mastering the ability to reverse park can save your cars, other people’s cars and lives. 20% of people fear reverse parking. It is vital that you learn how to reverse park correctly. According to the Department of Infrastructure and Transport 66 children were killed as pedestrians, with reverse parking being one of the reasons for their untimely deaths. This is even more reason to master your fears.

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