59% of women still don’t find a dealership that hits all the right notes

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:38 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Buying a car is a huge step in anyone’s life, especially if you are a first-time buyer. However, a majority of car buyers find the experience intimidating if not patronizing. So how do you bring your ‘A’ game when buying a car at a dealership? These 6 tips will have you negotiating in finesse that you will have full control of the process instead of walking away from yet another unpleasant experience.

Car dealerships leaving a bitter taste for female customers

Unfortunately, there are some car dealerships that base their selling on gender biases and assumptions. For females in Australia, buying a car can be a rather frustrating experience. The Bauer Media survey revealed that 59% of Australian woman has recalled their car buying experience as being ‘terrible’ due to the gender biases and assumptions made about them. Furthermore, 49% of women felt vulnerable when visiting a dealership. Car dealerships that do not create an environment that allows for their female customers to have a pleasant experience can lose out in major sales, as females make 80% of the purchase decision.

Show your prowess by knowing what you want

Nothing beats knowing what you want which is then backed by research. 51% of Australians go online to research a car before they go to a dealership. 50% continue to research whilst at the dealership to see if what they are being told is true. Having an idea of what you want which is then backed by adequate research can help you feel more confident without feeling vulnerable or intimidated.

Stick to your guns

Sales persons at a dealership are good at what they do. So good that they can sell you oxygen. However, if you know what you want and did adequate research on the car you want to buy it will be unlikely for them to divert your attention to another deal. A good tip is to stick to your guns and not negotiate when the sales person has hit your desired figure. Rather request to get the paperwork underway, and gently decline any other counter offers.

If you don’t know the price it will be named for you

This is where you will have to get your information from various car sites such as Car Advice, Gumtree, and Car Sales to find out how much you should expect to pay on your wheels. By running the type of model, brand and price range you will know whether you are being squeezed for every cent you own, or you are getting the best deal for your buck.

Timing is important

Knowing when to go in to do your Wheeling and dealing can work to your advantage to make the most of a sale. Try to avoid busy times. Dealers have a specific target they have to meet for sales which get calculated monthly and annually. It’s usually best to go during the last 10 to 12 days of the month or the final weeks at the end of a financial year to get yourself a sweet deal. This is the time in which they are still trying to reach their target and trying to get rid of old stock.

Get your finances ready

There’s no point if you can persuade the car dealer to give you a great deal, but you lack finds to close the deal off. Shop around for a car loan the same way that you would do for your car by comparing quotes and interest rates. Where possible, ask what you can do to reduce the car loan repayment price to save both on your wheels and your loan.

Being polite can win you brownie points

Knowing your stuff is great, being an A grade jerk towards a dealer is not so great. Being polite is always a good way to get you into a sales person’s good books, and it might even score you a discount. If the dealer doesn’t have what you are looking for or refuses to yield to what you want then politely thank them and move on, rather than shoving all your research in their face and threatening to leave.

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