5 ways to shut down a pushy car salesperson

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 10:10 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Anyone who had to deal with a car dealership in the past knows that a car salesman will do anything he can in order to persuade you to buy an individual vehicle. Most likely, some of his lines were quite aggressive and pushy. Moreover, they are taught to use psychological strategies that will determine you to want that car more and purchase it.

What lines will shut down a pushy car salesperson?

A pushy car salesperson will back off if you respond firmly and cleverly. You have to be prepared and know how to answer to such a seller when he tries to convince you to spend high amounts of money on their products.

1. Salesperson: “I need to discuss with my manager first.”

You: “I need to discuss with my partner first.”

A salesperson will try to play the role of the good cop, while the sales manager is the bad cop. This is a common strategy, to try to make you believe that the seller is in your corner, but you know, the manager does not agree with this offer. And he even “tries” to convince the sales manager to cut down the price and get a good deal for you. This deal will never be in your favour anyway. Use the same tactic and picture your spouse – whoever it is – as the bad person who does not agree on the deal.

2. Salesperson: “Our company is already losing money on this offer.”

You: “I am already losing a small fortune on this offer.”

Even if they try to gain your sympathy, don’t let yourself be fooled by their tricks. A salesperson would never make a deal in which they lose money. They are not a charity foundation and losing some money in your favour is out of the discussion from the very beginning.

3. Salesperson: “This offer is in high demand, and I have another interested buyer.”

You: “I could get the same if I go down the street.”

Such a line is meant to pressure you into purchasing that vehicle now so that you don’t have time to analyse the offer better or think a little before sealing the deal.

4. Salesperson: “We offer all these features for free.”

You: “I don’t even need or want them.”

How can you justify an exorbitant price? With a wide array of valueless features, such as undercoating, pre-sale inspections, fabric protectant, or even optional equipment. In fact, none of these non-factory items are free, and you pay a lot for them. If you don’t need the extra options, tell it to your dealer.

5. Salespersons: increase the price or reveal hidden costs at the last minute

You: decrease your offer immediately

When a car seller noticed that you are enchanted by an individual vehicle and can’t wait to have it, he may change the deal at the last minute – by increasing the price or revealing hidden fees, even though you have already agreed on the price. If he does this, it’s time for you to change your offer as well.

Some quick facts

  • It is projected that Australians will buy a total of 1.2 million new cars by the end of 2016.
  • According to a 2011 survey regarding car ownership, half of Australian households used two or more cars.

Have you ever been in one of these situations before? How did you manage to shut down a pushy car salesperson in the past? Use the comments section to share your experience with our readers and us.

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