5 ways to become more fuel efficient and save

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 10:36 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Fuel economy may be a prominent feature on newer car models that have come out over the years, but upgrading to a new car may not be financially feasible for some Australians who are tired of having their fuel guzzling car messing up their budgets. Here are a five handy tips to make your driving fuel efficient and reducing your bill in the process.

Ease up on the weight

Your car could feel like your second home, but storing things in it as if it were literally your second home can weigh your car down which can affect how much fuel your car guzzles. Cleaning up your car and getting rid of items that you do not necessarily need in your car can ease the pressure off the car, which in term means that you won’t be hitting the gas hard. The same goes for carrying more people in a vehicle than what is specified by the car.

Slow and steady helps you save

Depending on how many people make use of the vehicle, Aussies can fork out anything between $24 to $54 a week on fuel and power. Urbanites could find themselves forking out more in terms of fuel, especially during peak hour when they find themselves stuck in traffic. The one mistake that can blow any means of becoming savvy in terms of how you use your fuel is to step on the accelerate to beat traffic. Maintaining a consistent speed can help you save on fuel. The fewer stops you have, the better.

Switch off when your car is idle

Whether you are making a ‘quick dash’ into the store, only to find that there is a long queue at the check-out point, or have been delayed by more than 60 seconds at a stop and go it is advisable to switch off. This may seem like it will have little to no effect on your fuel, but your wallet could start feeling the pinch for the idle time that your car uses.

Drive less

Giving up the comfort of your wheels to board public transport may not seem like the best thing for some people, but when it comes to fuel economy and cutting down on expenses you will find that in some cases it is better to take public transport. Driving less during the week when you go to and from work can help you save. It can also help you plan your trips in one go so that you don’t waste your fuel stopping at various places.

You could consider getting a new car

The way you drive and the number of things that you have in your car may not be the reason as to why you are spending so much on fuel. Some cars are known to be guzzlers. It could also be the fact that you have a car that is not suited for you, which means a new car is in order. Preparing your finances or taking out a car loan to purchase a car that is more fuel efficient can be something to consider to cut back on how much you spend on fuel.

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