5 safety features to look for in your next family car

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 10:38 am by Bill Tsouvalas

You may have a checklist of things that you want in a family car in terms of its colour, style, fuel economy, and more. But when it comes to investing in a quality vehicle that will keep your family safe while travelling on the road it can get a bit confusing. This helpful family car guide can help you find a car that comes with the right features that will keep your family safe.

1. Size does matter

Buying a car that matches your family stickers that will be proudly donned on the rear window is something that needs to be carefully considered. The size of your vehicle has a play’s a part in providing safety for your family. However, going big doesn’t necessarily guarantee your safety. How you can rate if you are investing in the right size vehicle is to look at whether you have sufficient leg and head room, especially if you are planning on expanding your family. Check the boot to see if it has sufficient space to secure items. Always consider the size of the car in terms of its practicality.

2. Airbag protection

When it comes to rating the safety of the car, ANCAP lists the airbags as a must have safety feature. Most car models today have such features already installed in the car, but it still pays to do research on the car you are interested in and whether it has a good history with its airbags functioning during a crash. You can also check if the car has dual airbags, side impact protection, side airbags, knee airbags, and curtain airbags. You could alternatively run the car through the ANCAP website to see what it is rated in terms of its level of safety.

3. Car safety technology

This has become one of the arguably a prominent feature that car manufacturers have implemented in new model cars. Investing in a car that has such features can increase the chances of you and your family being protected during an accident and reduce the chances of you sustaining an injury. Some of the features that you can compare are; reverse camera sensors, cruise control, traction control, an anti-locking braking system, and emergency brake assist.

4. Car-seat friendly

Investing in a car that is car-seat friendly could be one of the best investments you could possibly make. Whether you are planning on starting a family or have family members who frequently use your car and have a little one that still makes use of a car seat it will be a worthwhile investment. Check that there will still be space left over even after you have attached the car-seat to ensure that the space is not cramped up.

5. Off-road features

When you own a car and have children, a road trip is bound to happen at some stage. When shopping for a car, keep in mind to check that the car has features that not only provide safety but also comfort. Look for child restraint features the car has and towing capabilities. Make sure to check that there is a clear path between the back seat and the rear anchorage point to ensure that your children will be protected during transit.

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