5 rules that P platers are not aware of that can cost them big

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:52 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Long gone are the days where you were still learning to drive and even if you are a new graduate from an L-plater to a P-plater, you probably rate yourself high when it comes to knowing the rules of the road. However, there may be a few rules that you have been braking without even knowing it. Here are 5 road rules that you are breaking that can cost you.

P-platers rules

Splashing water on pedestrians

Driving when it is raining can make things difficult, especially if the downpour is heavy. If there are big puddles on the road it is advisable to avoid these at all costs. Step into one of these and splash a pedestrian with mud could end result in you forking out $177 for a fine in states like NSW. Furthermore, you could attract 3 demerit points in the process. Talk about raining on your parade.

Pumping your favourite jam too loud

Whether it is a morning routine of hyping yourself with a back to back playlist of all your favourite jams you could end up being slapped with a fine of up to $200 depending on which state you find yourself in. This noise pollution can result in attracting the wrong attention from a police officer who may let you off with a warning. However, they may not be as lenient next time which can result in you fetching a fine of $175 if you are in Queensland or $200 in NSW.

Taking a nap after one too many on the side of the road

Catching on sleep after a night of drinking can fetch you a hefty fine of $1,400 and a 10-month suspension. This rule can leave a few drivers slacked jawed, but you will have to prove that you had no intention of driving. Even if your keys were not in the ignition in the time in which you were found, you will still have to state a solid case that you were not planning on driving. This rule does differ from state to state with the $1,400 and 10-month suspension applying to Queensland. You would rather catch a ride with a friend or catch an Uber home to avoid an awkward situation.

Flashing your headlights at an inappropriate time

Playing the good Samaritan on the road by warning fellow drivers that there are speed cameras up ahead can land you a fine of $110 in NSW, $100 in Western Australia, and $50 and 1 demerit point in Queensland. This can be applied if you either flash your lights and dazzle another driver or dipping your lights.

Honking your horn

Hooting for the wrong reasons can land you in trouble with the law. You know how irking it can get when someone blares their horn for no apparent reasons that fall outside of alerting you or animals of their presence can land them a fine of $298 in NSW and $282 in Victoria. The solution? Never honk unless you are trying to alert someone of your presence. Even if you want to wave goodbye.

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