5 off-road car features that are worth your while

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:50 am by Bill Tsouvalas

An off-road vehicle is built for people who enjoy the best of both worlds. Not only do these vehicles give you the ability to take on the cityscape, but they can also take on dirt roads with ease. There are some nifty features that off-road cars that come in handy. Here are a few of them.

Off road car features

It’s about control

One of the selling features that off-road vehicles have is its control systems. This is what makes it easy for it to transition from the sleek roads of the city to the rugged outback of Australia. Crawl control is one of the standard features that come with this type of vehicle that assists such vehicles to ascend hills with ease. This feature enables the car to read the type of terrain you are travelling on and adjust accordingly. The power of the car is automatically adjusted so that you don’t have to put in the work to adjust the car for every time you switch terrain.

How much grip does it pack?

When looking to purchase an off-road car it is important to check the safety features it comes with. One of the safety features are things such as the grip that the tyres have. Some vehicles are known to handle dirt roads well but can be light and struggle with sharp corners that are found in the city. Therefore, it is essential to check the tyres and their handling capabilities on rainy days. You can read reviews to see if the grip is firm enough for the ground. Also, check if it will be able to handle muddy surfaces.

Hill descent control

This is the opposite of crawl control and basically assists the vehicle in descending a hill without losing control. It’s a safety feature that also needs to be checked before purchasing a car. It can be useful to check reviews on the cars ability to handle moving downhill. Hill descent control is a feature that can control the speed of your vehicle while moving downhill. This, in turn, will let you stress less about being able to go downhill without losing control while focusing on steering the body of the car

Reverse cameras

Off-road cars such as the Jeep Wrangler or SUV’s which have been gaining popularity in Australia are big cars. The sheer size of these vehicles can make it hard to see what is happening at the back, which can be a hazard to small children, animals, and objects around the car. Investing in a vehicle that already has reverse cameras can come in handy for those blind spots. The bonus of having such features is that it could also reduce your car insurance.

Ground clearance

This nifty feature makes sure that your car is raised from the ground so that it doesn’t get stuck in rocky areas. Some cars are already designed for this, but others come with a built-in button that lifts the car. Other considerations that you may want to check is the cars space capacity and fuel economy. This will make owning an off-road vehicle worth your while. Always keep in mind to compare your options before purchasing a vehicle.

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