5 apps that can ease your commute

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 09:46 am by Bill Tsouvalas

If you travel long distances to work, this means that you’re acquainted with the endeavour of navigating public transport systems you’re unfamiliar with. Please see below 5 apps that can help you navigate your way across Australia.

TripGo – Free of charge

This is as an award-winning app. What makes it so helpful? It includes the transport network across Australia, enabling you to plan your journeys in advance, as you benefit from real-time traffic information. It covers multiple transport systems including train, bus, trams, ferry and light rail options. Of course, shuttle services, taxi rides, cycling and car routes, plus walking are also covered. Hence, there’s nothing this app won’t fix, route-related, of course! Go ahead and plan your commute – check your schedule and benefit from live service alerts.

NextThere – Free of charge

How many times did it happen to you to get stuck in a specific bus stop, wondering when, on earth, will the next train, bus, tram or ferry arrive? If the answer to the question is “many times”, then NextThere is your solution. This app incorporates transport systems from important cities around the world – as well as the largest cities in Australia and regional towns in Western Australia, Tasmania, and Queensland. Plus, it provides you with real-time updates concerning the availability of your transportation options.

Transit App – Free of charge

This particular app is available for commuters in Canberra and Sydney. It is particularly useful if you want to arrive from point A to point B. Alternatively, you can choose to plan your trips, as well as set reminders. You’ll receive accurate notifications concerning any disruption of services, which is quite handy for each commuting fellow out there. On top of that, you have access to Uber as well. You can even reserve a car, or find a nearby bike share system. It’s easy to use – the presence of bright colours and large fonts makes it suitable for every age range, including elderly citizens.

TransitTimes – $4.99

TransitTimes is a useful app that can be exremely helpful to all commuters across Australia. It provides one with accurate transport information for Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, and so on and so forth. Together with the fact that it provides you with real-time updates, you can look up for directions, or find offline transport system schedules, wheelchair accessibility and service alerts.

Abil.io – Free of charge

This free of charge commuting app is, by all means, a great download! Not only that it allows one to create individual profiles regarding transport preferences for each commute route, but, simultaneously, it permits those with rather restricted mobility to plan their commute. It also features real-time courses that encompass accessible walking distances, while excluding routes with stairs and downhill slopes. That is another excellent characteristic many Australians can enjoy by downloading this app.

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