4 tips when purchasing a jet ski

Last updated on November 25th, 2021 at 10:16 am by Bill Tsouvalas

Turning your seaside holiday into one to remember by purchasing a Jet ski can be a fun experience. However, the purchasing process can be daunting when you are a newbie jet ski owner. Our guide and savvy tips can help you navigate your way around purchasing a Jet ski.

What type of jet ski do you want?

Believe it or not, there is more than one type of jet ski that you can choose from. Knowing the difference can help enhance your experience of owning one. There are solo crafts that are also known as ‘stand-ups’ because of the no-seat feature that requires you to stand when riding. This could be suitable for people who are athletic and have mastered the art of balance. The sports craft is designed to carry one ride and come with small dimensions that can make it easier to navigate tight corners. Two seaters, which lives up to its name can be ideal for people who want to ride with someone, and the three or four-seaters are family friendly and can be an ideal feature for families that want to cruse the waves together.

Is bigger really better

Size does matter when it comes to purchasing a jet ski, but bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. The main factor that will affect the size of your craft will be based on your individual needs. This will help you determined if a 1 or 4-seater will be suitable for you. The type of vehicle you own will also determine if the size will be suitable to tow. Trying to exceed the tow size can create difficult driving and possible cause your car to jackknife. This is a feature that needs to be carefully considered before you buy.

Do you have storage space?

Jet skis can be tempting when it comes to its model and size. However, without planning in advance you could end up purchasing a beautiful disaster. Knowing what size to buy can also help you in terms of storage. You have to consider where you are planning to keep your jet ski if you are not using it. You may have to reconsider purchasing a big jet ski such as four-seater when you have no storage space. You can also consider hiring your it, especially if you will be using it seasonally.

Does it have the necessary features?

It doesn’t matter if you are purchasing a new or a used Jet ski, the safety features are essential. Most watercraft have a lanyard as a standard feature, which basically helps switch off the jet ski when you have fallen off. According to NCIS, 34% of incidents were caused by the owner of the ski losing control. Purchasing a machine that is known for its stability features can also be beneficial.

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